Our “Why”

Love what you do, and do you what you love.

Innovators of Tomorrow

At Bricks4Schoolz®, our mission is simple: math should be fun.

While math, STEM, and STEAM are being championed as the fundamental education skill for the 21st century economy, the trends in math scores, math anxiety and performance across all ages show signs of worsening. How do we fix this in the early years of a child’s education, when we still have a chance to make a change?

We seek to empower elementary school students to rise above math anxiety, and to conquer the fears and negativity that stymie their growth and performance in the subject, and to engage in math in an exciting, adventure-filled way that sparks their curiosity, sense of purpose, and enjoyment.

By harnessing the power of play, LEGO® brick building, and an fun, adventure-based e-learning program, we have created a turnkey, one-of-a-kind math resource that supports students’ independent learning in Common Core Math standards, all with the principal that FUN should be at the core of the student experience.

Kicking Math Anxiety to the Curb

Approximately 93% of adult US-Americans indicate that they experience some level of math anxiety. Where, and when, did all of this anxiety come from?

Extensive research shows that as young as first grade, children begin reporting varying levels of anxiety about math, which correlates strongly and negatively with math performance and serves as one of the foremost corollary factors for math achievement. Experiences in math during early years of schooling shape our experiences later on, and when a child struggles with math concepts during the early years and receives little intervention to improve their learning or relationship with math, research shows they will grow to enter mathematical experiences with negativity, or not enter them at all.

The Power Of Play

When play-based approaches are used in elementary education settings, research has noted that not only are students more engaged and motivated to actively participate in learning, they experience more academic success. The confidence that grows when students can see themselves as successful academics cultivates a strong sense of agency and invites students to push their own learnings and understandings. As a new generation of students learn differently than the past generation of learners, primarily because of the introduction of technology, so too is research showing the ability for play-based technology applications for improving education outcomes.

“If They Build It, They Will Come”

The Bricks4Schoolz® program’s effectiveness rests on a simple but powerful principal; learning should be fun. At the core of everything we do, and how our program engages students, is the belief that elementary kids do not inherently dislike math or have anxiety in it, and that making the learning experience engaging, fun and relatable is the key to creating positive tendencies in students and giving them the tools to grow and develop interest in the subject.

Starting from this belief, Bricks4Schoolz® has created a one-of-a-kind program that combines the power and universal love of LEGO® brick building with an amazing, online video game adventure that helps students work on math in a fun and fulfilling way.