The Bricks4Schoolz® Program

What we do

At Bricks4Schoolz®, our goal is to help students improve their learning, retention and application of mathematics, with a simple truth at the core; math should be fun.

Our platform combines carefully designed LEGO® projects geared to teach specific, targeted math standards with math questions, challenges, and education resources that help students understand and engage with math learning through a hands-on, fun and approachable medium.

All of our mathematics content is compliant with and built upon national Common Core Mathematics standards, and has been developed by an academic team with over 50 years experience in curriculum design and creation for notable school districts and companies including New York City Public Schools, McGraw Hill Education, and the Princeton Review.

Who we serve

Our program is built for mathematics in grade levels 1 – 6 in the United States

How we do it

Our online platform takes students on an “Inter-Galactic Adventure”, where using our exclusive LEGO Robotics kit, they move progressively through their grade level’s school year Common Core math curriculum, domains and standards.

On the gaming platform, students join the famous Master Builder Academy – the greatest academy for all builders and creators, where they train to try and become a Master Builder! To become a Master Builder, they are sent on a Mission in Outer Space to discover a new galaxy and it’s planets.

Each planet will have different LEGO® building projects and challenges, and they will have to complete each one with a high enough score on the related math content to obtain a new “Builder Rank”. Once they achieve the Builder Rank, they can move onto the next planet to try and obtain the next Builder Rank in their quest to become a Master Builder!

Why it works

Our program has been proven – both inside and outside of the classroom – to have a direct, measurable impact on students’ math performance, as well as their attitudes towards math.

By harnessing the power of play, LEGO® brick building, and an fun, adventure-based e-learning program, we have created a turnkey, one-of-a-kind math resource that supports students’ independent learning in Common Core Math standards, all with the principal that FUN should be at the core of the student experience.